The Woman, The Traveller – learning from past mistakes

If you’re anything like me, having time to yourself is the best. That sun-drenched moment with a book? Bliss. A gentle cup of tea in the evenings to help you ponder? Perfect! An afternoon spent rambling through parks and streets? Is this Heaven we’re describing?? Being alone is an easy way to soothe the soul,Continue reading “The Woman, The Traveller – learning from past mistakes”

The South African in England, writing on Greek mythology, of course

So…… I haven’t posted in a while, ahem, oops! This is mainly due to the finishing of a degree, a trip home for a fantastic family wedding, and now hunting for a job. I haven’t had much time to sit down and write anything chunky, like an article, review or recipe, but I am oneContinue reading “The South African in England, writing on Greek mythology, of course”

Ridiculously easy rum-fudge & oreo ice cream

This recipe is extremely healthy, light and good for – hahahahahahahaha ha ha HAAAAAAAA – no, this is extra decadent, so if you’re on a diet turn back now. This no-churn ice cream is unreal, and perfect for the long, hot summer days ahead. The base is a very simple 2-ingredient ice cream, and youContinue reading “Ridiculously easy rum-fudge & oreo ice cream”

My Very Lazy Baked Aubergine

I was faced with a problem this week (not a real problem, but when it comes to food I can get dramatic). I wanted Aubergine Parmigiana, but I was too lazy to make it. I’ve done the full 4-hour, intensive, delicious slice of heaven before, but I was too hot, too tired and didn’t wantContinue reading “My Very Lazy Baked Aubergine”

How an angry chicken changed the course of my life

For my (rather self-conscious) first blog post, I thought I should do the usual thing and introduce myself – but I have trouble defining who I am, and really, who doesn’t? Whatever labels we choose for ourselves, other people add more, and none of them are exactly right. So instead, I thought it might beContinue reading “How an angry chicken changed the course of my life”

A little bit of everything…

Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you could stop by, and I hope you find something here that’s interesting, entertaining, or just darn useful. As an oddball South African living far from home, my life is a series of (mis)adventures and tons of variety – which is why I thought I’d share pieces of myContinue reading “A little bit of everything…”