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  • In Our Youth

    Sometimes, I miss the vivid joy of childhood in summer. In one of those fits of nostalgia, I wrote this poem – it was also mid-winter and I was feeling particularly heat-starved! In Our Youth High noon. High Summer. Cicadas croon in pillows of feverish heat As the day burns in bright dust And heady,…

  • The South African in England, writing on Greek mythology, of course

    So…… I haven’t posted in a while, ahem, oops! This is mainly due to the finishing of a degree, a trip home for a fantastic family wedding, and now hunting for a job. I haven’t had much time to sit down and write anything chunky, like an article, review or recipe, but I am one…

  • Ridiculously easy rum-fudge & oreo ice cream

    This recipe is extremely healthy, light and good for – hahahahahahahaha ha ha HAAAAAAAA – no, this is extra decadent, so if you’re on a diet turn back now. This no-churn ice cream is unreal, and perfect for the long, hot summer days ahead. The base is a very simple 2-ingredient ice cream, and you…

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